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BBH produces global show-stopper for the Guardian

The Guardian newspaper, when it’s not being castigated by various spooks for revealing how they’re spying on us (Mrs Merkel indeed!) is trying to go global, which is brave in the extreme as it’s still losing buckets of money in ...

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BETC tries doggy style for Diet Coke hunk’s pets

The dear old UK was ever a nation of contrasts and, while half the country is concerned about ‘heat or eat,’ the nation’s pets seem to be more pampered than ever. Andrew Cooper, the model who appears in BETC’s ‘Hunk’ ...

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Bacardi picks McCann vets to helm new US ads

Bacardi has turned to agency veterans Jeff Weiss and Paul Opperman of OW and Lee Daley former chief strategy officer of McCann, to try to revive Bacardi in the US. The drinks giant recently appointed BETC London to handle its ...

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