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MAA Ad of the Week: Club Brugge by Mutant

Football has become an (arguably) unpleasant showcase for all sorts of people and entities you’d rather not have dominating the so-called beautiful game. Saudi Arabia and Newcastle are the latest to take advantage of this blazing opportunity for ‘sportswashing.’ Big ...

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MAA Ad of the Week: Old Speckled Hen from Engine

Actually this could just as easily been a blast from the Past, Engine for Old Speckled Hen, a campaign that’s been running off and on for over 20 years. Engine Creative, to give it its full moniker, was formerly WCRS, ...

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MAA Ad of the Week: Gorillas from The Or

Thin pickings this week (a short one admittedly.) Not actually sure we like this one that much – delivery service Gorillas by Mother offshoot The Or – but at least it’s trying to differentiate Gorillas from all the others by ...

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MAA Ad of the Week: Lumo from Mother

Reassuring that there’s still an ad agency that can do ads (ads are so last year in certain quarters) and Mother rarely lets you down. This one’s for new client Lumo, an all-electric UK train service that answers the envoronmental ...

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