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Designer Steve Conchie of Brandon Consultants picks his Desert Island Ads

Steve Conchie is executive creative director of Brandon Consultants. Desert Island Ads Although I’ve spent a majority of my career in brand design I’ve always held an incredibly deep affection and admiration for the world of advertising. Even as a ...

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MullenLowe CCO Jose Miguel Sokoloff’s Desert Island Ads

Jose Miguel Sokoloff is an internationally awarded and respected advertising creative and peace proponent. His philosophy of employing soft power over force for effective behaviour change manifests in the communications he has designed throughout his career to address cultural and ...

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Amy McCulloch of eight&four picks her Desert Island Ads

Amy McCulloch co-founded eight&four in 2008. Eight&four is a creative and media agency in London which has grown up alongside the launch of Instagram, the death of organic and the shrinking of consumer attention spans. Quality over quantity, audience focus ...

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