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Moreaboutadvertising.com is the alternative voice of advertising, marketing and media

What does that mean?

Well, firstly we are our own masters so we can stick our necks out without worrying if someone is about to cut our heads off. Secondly our intent is to add colour and interest to stories in a way our competitors avoid at the risk of upsetting someone somewhere.

We don’t try to cover everything…just the important stuff

What we try to do is bring you the inside track on developments in advertising, marketing and media that make a difference: who’s doing the best work, what lies behind the press releases, how do these things impact on the wider world of business and, indeed, on the lives of all of us.

That doesn’t just mean that we’re only interested in the doings of big companies or in creative and marketing initiatives that cost a lot.

We try to find the things, wherever in the world, that make a difference: change the landscape; help all of us to see round corners.

MAA benefits from having seasoned, experienced contributors. MAA enjoys the input from people who work in the industry providing insight into what really goes on behind the glossy receptions of Soho (and elsewhere) plus the wealth of contacts developed over the years by leading journalists who have specialised in the marketing services sector.

Contact: editor@maacoms.com

Advertising opportunities

Advertisers may buy packages on MAA including home page banner ads and Sponsored Editorial (branded posts). Individual sections – such as agencies, advertisers, media etc – are also available for sponsorship.

With over 20,000 unique visitors a month in the UK, US and nearly every other country around the world MAA is the best way to reach top decision-makers in advertising, marketing and media.

All our advertising packages are specifically designed to ensure that client needs are met in the most cost-effective way possible.

For further information please contact Paul Simons, managing partner, at paul.simons@maacoms.com.

Tel. +44 7831 82 03 99

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