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Now BBH wins Tesco Mobile

One of BBH’s historic strengths is building long-term relationships with its clients – When Levi’s departed the agency (admittedly years back) nobody could believe it and Levi’s floundered afterwards. The agency recently retained Barclays in a pitch against London’s finest ...

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Will Barclays retention fire BBH back to the top?

Agencies will tell you that retaining a big account in a pitch is a bigger achievement – and more satisfying – than landing a newbie. BBH is feeling pretty pleased with itself after retaining the £30m or so Barclays account ...

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R/GA lures Le Masurier from Google to bolster senior creative ranks

A busy time for new creative hires in London’s adland, which may indicate that some agencies at least are waking up to the need to refresh the ranks and stem the tide of senior creatives moving out to pastures tech. ...

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