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BETC Luxe in timely launch of YSL’s Mon Paris

Surprising that it’s taken YSL (Yves St Laurent) this long to launch a fragrance called Mon Paris but what better time to launch it than Paris in the spring? Hope the weather’s better there as the “beast from the East,” ...

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BETC sticks pins in French footballers for Canal+

French football has a Classico too it seems, Olympique de Marseille vs Paris Saint Germain, happening this Sunday and broadcast by Canal+. So Canal+ agency BETC Paris is drummimg up interest in its inimitable style by speculating that fans can ...

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Yves St Laurent launches Y for Generation Y

Yves Saint Laurent is launching a new fragrance Y, aimed at the menfolk of Generation Y. These generations become a tad confusing when you’re not part of any of them. What’s next, Z presumably. Then do we start at A? ...

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BETC sets up new agency Traction as it recaptures Citroen for Havas

Citroen has returned to its spiritual home of Havas from Les Gaulois, but this time with a new agency Traction, part of Havas-owned BETC. The Traction name pays homage to the Traction Avant, a front-wheel drive vehicle produced by the ...

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BETC launches POP record label with Bollore’s Polydor

French media giant Vivendi and agency group Havas may be separate companies but they have one Vincent Bollore in common. The Bollore clan own Havas and Vincent is chairman and a big shareholder in the much larger Vivendi. Paris-based BETC ...

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BETC unveils sexy robot for Total Quartz

Can you remember when British TV was awash with motor oil ads? Manly lubricants stuffed full of secret ingredients that probably made no difference at all to your spluttering Ford Cortina? They seem to have well and truly gone but ...

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