BETC crafts a poster classic for Canal+ hit BBC drama

One of the high points of broadcasting this year has been the BBC’s ‘This is going to hurt’ on the BBC, based on hospital doctor Adam Kay’s real life memoir.

Showing the travails of a junior doctor in an NHS hospital.

It’s now going to French TV on Canal+ and agency BETC has produced a classic poster campaign to go with it, riffing on doctors’ famously unintelligible handwriting.

Copywriter Ellynore Attia, art director Melissa Hofman.

Everything a poster should be (but too often isn’t.)

MAA creative scale: 9.5.

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One comment

  1. I like it but it looks like a ‘chip shop’ ad — the copy is incredibly small, its in English (for French TV) and its placed on a US billboard mockup….