Best Ads of the Year

YouTube unveils its top ads of 2018 (Xmas excepted)

YouTube has unveiled its top performing ads for 2018 through to December 12 (excluding Christmas) and there are some decent conventional ones – Lucky Generals for Amazon in first place, quite a funny one for OPPO F7 Indian cricket, ‘Dream ...

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Jody Smith of Broadsign: unlocking new communication potential in the era of smart cities

Smart cities have long been a concept reserved for sci-fi films, but with recent technological advancements, they’re quickly becoming a reality. Media owners have begun to make city-wide audiences available and more addressable using smart city technology in less intrusive ...

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Dentsu’s Webchutney brews up a winner for Chakra Tea

One way or another India features heavily in awards these days and here’s another candidate that surely has a Cannes category in waiting. It’s by Dentsu Webchutney for Chakra Tea and the wheeze in question is a tea kettle that ...

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