BETC sets up new agency Traction as it recaptures Citroen for Havas

Citroen has returned to its spiritual home of Havas from Les Gaulois, but this time with a new agency Traction, part of Havas-owned BETC.

The Traction name pays homage to the Traction Avant, a front-wheel drive vehicle produced by the car manufacturer from 1934 to 1957.

Traction will be led by BETC presidents Bertille Toledano and Stephane Xiberras.

Citroen CMO Arnaud Belloni says: “I grew up with the imagery of Citroen iconic communication items, with the chevrons, the aircraft carriers and the ‘revolutionary men’. We want to use the spirit of its past as inspiration to foster its revival and bring the brand back to modern values.”

Traction president and ECD Stephane Xiberras says: “To have the opportunity to take the creative lead of such an incredible automobile brand, that has produced legendary creative campaigns, is an honour and a great responsibility.”

Citroen has been trying to recapture its glory days, epitomised by the DS19 (below), for years now, with little success. If any agency can sprinkle the require stardust on what remains a quirky marque it’s new BETC Paris agency Traction.

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