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Waitrose joins the rush to adam&eve/DDB

It had to happen: adam&eve/DDB has won Waitrose, just as it’s won seemingly every other big account up for review in London over the past couple of years. Adam&eve also handle’s Waitrose big brother John Lewis. The news will disappoint ...

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Is Waitrose heading for Lucky Generals?

My spies tell me that creative Ken Hoggins has been sighted in the vicinity of newbie agency Lucky Generals. Ken has worked on the Waitrose account in various guises, most notably at Hoggins O’Shea which handled the account for a ...

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What is £25m Waitrose really up to?

The Waitrose account, said to be worth £25m in media billings, is on the loose following BBH’s decision to resign it to take on much larger Tesco. But Waitrose is a funny old account. For years it was with creative ...

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Waitrose sends spokesperson Delia to the stock pot

Yikes! Upmarket UK grocer Waitrose (presumably with some advice from newish agency BBH) has decided to dispense with the services of spokesperson celebrity chef (well, cook) Delia Smith, citing Delia’s busy schedule. This is akin to the Royal Family having ...

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