Waitrose and M&S fight over food in jaded January

Waitrose and Marks & Spencer are the two companies contesting the top end of the grocery market and they’re both back in the lists in jaded January, with new campaigns from adam&eveDDB and RKCR/Y&R respectively.

Waitrose, which didn’t seem to do that much advertising during its stay at BBH, is plugging its ‘pick your own offers’ deal, a bright wheeze although not that easy to effect. This in a film majoring on seasonality and chirpiness, as in Waitrose’s pre-Christmas effort from A&E. Not entirely convinced these two aspects/qualities are sufficient. What makes Waitrose different? Apart from this offer, of course.

MAA creative scale: 6.

M&S meanwhile, which continues to do well in food as it makes a right old mess of everything else, is back on the food porn trail but in what it hopes is a wholesome way – for healthy foods.

There’s a differentiation issue here too although we all know the M&S food style by now (they’ve spent enough on it). Is it enough to show yummy fruit and veg?

But it’s nicely done.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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