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VW produces impeccable UK ‘parachute’ ad but it shouldn’t try to rewrite inconvenient history

Somebody told me the other day that car ads were the second-biggest global ad category (should have asked what the biggest was – household products? Entertainment?). Which may account for some of the rather desperate efforts we’ve seen recently. Anyway, ...

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VW and Deutsch put some bite into Shark Week

Volkswagen is sponsoring Shark Week on Discovery Channel in a deal brokered by MediaCom and its US creative agency Deutsch LA has produced a number of interesting spins to promote the (newish) VW Beetle convertible. Here’s a slightly unusual Beetle ...

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VW slows ad down to beat fast-forwarders

It’s war out there with pesky TV viewers fast-forwarding through ads when they watch recorded programmes. So DDB Brussels has produced what it calls a ‘Slowmercial’ for the Beetle cabriolet; a less than compelling film of the roof opening that ...

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