Virgin’s safety dance, Mcgarrybowen debuts for Honda while VW launches the ‘Woofwagen’

***Here we go, in no particular order, three interesting new films. That bundle of fun in the sky Virgin (America in this instance) has produced a new take on safety procedures.

Does this mean Virgin’s yummy cabin crew no longer perform? Shame. The director was John M Chue.

***Honda decided to give its European CR-V launch to Mcgarrybowen rather than Wieden+Kennedy, which seemed a bit peculiar. Maybe it decided W+K required a bit of seat-scorching.

Anyway, not bad. Most new cars seem to inhabit a pristine universe of their own in TV ads these days, just as they used to occupy bloody great photographic studios of their own back in the day. Maybe the people who buy them (and promptly wave goodbye to a quarter at least of their money) prefer to visualise their ‘investment’ this way.

But Hondas are still boring aren’t they?

And does W+K get a royalty for the Garrison Keillor v/o?

***VW advertising over the years has had more than its fair share of frisky moments and the troops at Adam&Eve/DDB seem to have been in an upbeat mood for this new effort ‘Woofwagen.’

A sign of a super-confident brand though. I saw the other day that VW is running Wolfsburg factory tours for fans where they go up and down the factory (which looks like a giant (but pristine) multi-storey car park, which I suppose it is, in a giant lift. Ooh look, there’s a Polo.

Pets are everywhere in ads these days – which could be construed as a substitute for thought. But maybe VW planners have identified dog owners as a target market.


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