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Ponce unveils bad girls opera for Unilever’s Axe

If this battle of the sexes saw the roles reversed it wouldn’t get anywhere near a TV screen (not as an ad anyway) but Ponce Buenos Aires is pushing the boundaries once more in this opus for Unilever’s Axe. Whatever ...

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Prius drives Toyota to ‘Global Green Brand’ top spot

Brand consultancy Interbrand has produced its third annual list of Best Global Green Brands and Toyota tops it again, chiefly it seems because of the success of the Prius hybrid (2.9m world sales, 1.2m in the US). These computations are ...

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Now it’s girls and boys in space for Axe Apollo

Ah, the best-laid plans… Axe is advertising for 22 would-be astronauts to promote its new Axe Apollo line. It started off as an offer for blokes (well it’s Axe) but now two of the top names on its social ‘leader ...

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