Unilever rolls out anti-hunger corporate TV campaign

Unilever is launching a worldwide corporate TV campaign, via its Project Sunlight sustainability scheme. Project Sunlight has recruited a number of young ‘hunger activists’ to tackle world hunger.

This is the US version, in tandem with Feeding America. There’s a UK one too although it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere, which is a bit odd as publicity for its cause (and Unilever, of course) is presumably the intention of the campaign.

The campaign, this bit of it anyway, is by Ogilvy and its hotshop offshoot David.

Corporate ads are always something of a nightmare; people are suspicious (often rightly) of companies fronting up as good guys. GE does it pretty well in the States via BBDO.

So what to make of this? It looks a bit cobbled together actually; moving rapidly on from Martin Luther King and Gandhi without establishing a connection (‘speeches’ apart) between them and the eager hunger activists who come next.

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