Adam&eve makes toe-curling debut for Unilever’s Maille

On purpose it should be said – it’s enlisted James Rouse, the director who made ‘I’m sorry I spent it on myself’ for Harvey Nichols, to work his Fawlty Towers-type magic for Unilever’s Maille mustard.

Do people still wear ties at dinner parties? Suppose this lot do. Anyway, it raises a (doubtless post watershed) smile. And it’s quite a good idea to give presents of mustard for Christmas (which might be consumed) rather than the likes of Downton Abbey ‘Below Stairs’ chive chutney which will just sit in the back of the store cupboard for a decade or more.

Mind you, all this gourmet mustard stuff is pretty annoying (Maille sells from, among other places, ’boutiques’ in Dijon – where it comes from – Paris and London with plans to open another in New York).

Try to get good old bog standard Dijon mustard (it doesn’t have to have bits in it) in a UK shop and you can’t. I buy Amora online from French Click but you need to order in vast quantities to feel OK about the ten quid delivery charge.

So when you do, don’t do as I did and drop one of the bloody things onto a stone floor.

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