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Droga5 crafts ‘a thing of beauty’ in just 18 seconds

Trevor Beattie of London agency BMB reckons ads in the future will be about five seconds, Twitter’s Vine seems to be doing quite nicely with its six seconds or less vids. Droga5 in New York is showing what you can ...

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WPP’s Sorrell places his bets on new media – and it’s Google’s YouTube not Facebook or Twitter

The most interesting thing about WPP Group’s first quarter financial results were not the numbers, but its chief executive’s obiter dicta. The numbers themselves were a curate’s egg. They beat the revenue forecast, bizarrely enough they delighted in Britain, but ...

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W+K’s big new idea for 3: (its own) little pony

I was beginning to think that Wieden+Kennedy London had forgotten about phone company 3, its big win of last year before Tesco rumbled through the door. Where were the ads? Well here’s the big new campaign, featuring a little pony. ...

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George Parker: Why Suicide Girls is what social networking sites should be all about – nudes and all

George Parker describes a social networking site he approves of – the rather memorable SuicideGirls. Seven years ago, when Facebook was barely three years old and Twitter was not yet launched, I interviewed ‘Missy Suicide,’ the co-founder with Sean Suhl, ...

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Why hackers are winning the battle against brands

Two of the unintended consequences of the digital age are the fact that social media companies know everything about you (something we increasingly accept as the way of the world, gloomily) and the other is that such tech companies’ systems ...

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Two fingers to social media from defiant Ryanair

I was amused to read that the incoming head of comms at Ryanair (forgive the oxymoron) has “deliberately” ruled out a social media strategy. New boy Robin Kiely (left) tells us – apparently without irony – that such an initiative ...

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