Can you build a campaign around six-second Vine ads? Lowe’s and BBDO think you can

US DIY retailer Lowe’s and agency BBDO New York are suing Twitter’s new Vine six-second video mobile downloads to run a campaign about DIY.

Do-it-yourself is a mystery to many of us (ie me) but I suppose this shows you how to screw.

Screw means other things in various cultures and I can’t help but think that that might have been preying on the mind of the originator of this.

More ammunition for Trevor Beattie, who says that ads in the future will be five seconds long?

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  1. Of course you can, particularly if you’re trying to grab people with the same attention span as a goldfish. You know who you are: most art directors, curators, clients, artists… I was Von Brockdorffed on Vine at an exhibition last weekend and consequently, some diamond billionaire wants to buy my “lust to Dust” painting. I’m holding out for as long as the bank manager can take it. It’s short, pithy (taking the pith?) but WTF, it worked:

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