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Simon Francis: the right road to reach world car buyers

Simon Francis, CEO of integrated marketing consultancy Flock Associates, reveals the best marketing channels to reach car buyers in an increasingly competitive world car market.    The automotive category spent about $3.6billion on advertising in the US across the period ...

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Scam ads are becoming a global business say critics

This business of ‘scam’ ads; doctored versions of  bona fide ads or ads specially made to enter awards, seems to be a rather bigger and more widespread affair than we thought. We all know the case of the JWT India ...

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Team WPP’s Ford blunder reveals the perils of living in a creative bubble

What could be more timely than demonstrating the little car’s exceptional cargo-carrying capacity than three nubile women, one scantily clad, all three bound and gagged, occupying the boot space? Closer inspection of the ad reveals that the caricatures are supposed ...

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