How creativity helps VW stay ahead of Ford

To be be (creative) or not to be?

Now there’s an age-old dilemma, illustrated here by a new, avowedly creative effort from DDB Paris for VW, plugging a plug-in.

And the alternative, from WPP’s Ford agency GTB Europe for the new Ford Fiesta, with actress Keeley Hawes extolling the virtues of a Panglossian world.

The Ford effort does the sales job better than the VW one in some respects, despite its inherent implausibility. But there’s nothing above and beyond, no ‘halo’ effect for the brand. Ford remains resolutely mundane; you buy one if you can’t or won’t buy a more exciting brand (or your company gives you one).

VW, as evidenced by its booming sales despite the emissions scandal, still has that halo effect: one result of decades of above par advertising although the above isn’t one of its best efforts.

So: 2-1 to creative.

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