VW Commercial Vehicles goes back to the future with adam&eveDDB

Adam&eveDDB has reclaimed the VW Commercial Vehicles account it lost to BBH five years ago, adding VW’s new range of vans to the main car account (somewhat dormant recently.)

The agency says its new ‘brand platform’ is “designed to reflect the unique marriage of function and emotion which the vehicles represent to their owners. A holistic, year-long plan launches soon with a firm focus on real owners, using social platforms alongside other channels.”

Which is a bit grand for vans.

VW says: “We’re undergoing a huge transformation in how we market and sell our vehicles, and we’re looking forward to launching our new brand platform with them, which will reassert the fundamentals of our brand for our customers today and tomorrow.”

VW remains one of the two biggest auto manufacturers despite a number of recent mis-steps, particularly with EVs. Nobody can use the in-car screens.

Vans are different from cars obviously but the German giant might be better referencing some of the great advertising it used to produce. But everyone wants a transformation these days, especially a “holistic” one.

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  1. I think in the near future, companies will have to focus on the reliability of their cars, and not on fashionable features, a crisis is brewing in the world, and when choosing a car, people will pay more attention to reliability and not to the size and number of displays inside the car.

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