AMV BBDO and Imagination give Ford’s new all-electric Explorer a heavy lift-off

Ford is betting the ranch (and Henry Ford’s vast legacy) on its new all-electric Explorer and the softening up process for the 2024 launch starts now.

History has played a big part in Ford’s recent marketing, notably with Wieden+Kennedy’s ‘Built Ford Proud’ campaign in the US. Now it’s back to the exploration archives to exhume Aloha Wanderwell, who travelled around the world in a Model T 100 years ago, and follow her with a new female adventurer Lexie Alford – Lexie Limitless as she’s known on the internet – retracing her steps (mostly) in a new Explorer.

Here’s AMV BBDO’s launch ad.

And experience company Imagination’s “immersive” experience featuring the gal herself (not Aloha, the other one.)

All seems to hang together pretty well and it’s an interesting tale.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

PS Wouldn’t it be amusing if a new version of Elon Musk produces an affordable/workable hydrogen-powered car?

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