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FCB Inferno drinks deep at the well of artiness for Grant’s

FCB Inferno is wearing its arty trousers for this new film by trendy director Loren Denis for Grant’s whisky. Most whisky ads are meaningless tosh because you can’t mention arguably the most important product benefit but this takes it a ...

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Sport England and FCB show this girl can still hack it

FCB Inferno’s This Girl Can campaign for Sport England a couple of years ago won most of the available gongs going and also, rather more pertinently, persuaded millions of women to exercise more. But we don’t want any slacking do ...

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NCTL and FCB Inferno inject a little common sense into education debate

FCB Inferno’s ‘Your Future Their Future’ for the The National College for Teaching & Leadership (NCTL), part of of the Education Department, is one of the better public service campaigns of the last few years. Designed to recruit more and ...

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