Start-up Pura aims to revolutionise baby wipes market

This looks like a pretty high-powered kitchen table lockdown start-up. Pura “eco-friendly” baby wipes. Founders Guy and Abi Fennell have been joined by CMO Amanda Richards who’s held lots of senior roles at Unilever and Philips Health and an extensive agency-line-up including lead creative agency FCB Inferno, also handling influencer, consumer PR and social media; brand design agency Beach, website and app agency Crowdform and digital media agency Cadastra.

Pura claims that 90% of the wipes currently sold in the UK contain plastic – meaning they can last over 100 years in landfill. Hitherto alternatives have been expensive. Pura aims to move into disposable nappies next.

Co-founder Guy Fennell says: “It’s all about driving change and leaving the right legacy for our children. We would love to see everyone make the switch from plastic to plastic-free wipes. At Pura we are working hard to make that happen. Parents too often have to compromise on quality or price for environmental friendliness. At Pura, we want to empower all families to care for their family, their environment and their budget without compromise.”

FCB Inferno Sharon Jiggins says: “For far too long parents have had to make the choice between affordability and the environment. The entrance of Pura finally means that compromise is no longer needed. Our approach to the creative work was to defy category conventions, using the “cutesy” babies’ voices to deliver hard-hitting uncomfortable truths to educate parents on what is really going on. And Pura’s commitment to provide parents with the greenest of choices throughout their supply chain is commendable.”

Sounds like it, let’s hope the ultimate aim isn’t to attract Unilever or P&G waving a big cheque.

FCB’s launch ad? Nice piece of baby box-ticking.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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