Can Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ do it all over again?

It’s five years since Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ helped to re-define the way women were depicted in ads – along with Unilever’s Dove – and the anniversary is marked with what we might call a reminder campaign from agency FCB Inferno majoring on how women who want to get active need the help of other people as well as themselves.

Sport England CEO Tim Hollingsworth says: “When This Girl Can launched it was considered trailblazing for the way it showed women getting active in a raw and real way. And while marketing campaigns for sport and physical activity are far more diverse and relatable now, there’s still a long way to go before they are reflecting the reality of people’s lives.

“With the new campaign we’re showing topics that are part of the everyday for women – challenges they can relate to. We’ve seen the powerful effect this can have in giving women more confidence with previous campaigns, and will continue to advocate for better provision and share insight with the sport and physical activity sector on how to address the gender gap.”

There’ll be lots of other stuff from social to “content” vids featuring real-life stories.

Not entirely sure this film measures up to the launch efforts but a reminder ad is hardly the most exciting challenge. Maybe it tries to cram in too much.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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