Sport England sets FCB weighty challenge of creating a healthier nation

We’re a pretty unhealthy lot here in the UK it seems and, short of a cull of anyone who doesn’t fit the right BMI index, government and others are trying hard to persuade us to exercise more.

So government-funded Sport England and 15 charities have combined to launch #WeAreUndefeatable (they’re clearly optimists), a multimedia campaign aimed at people with long term health conditions, one in four of us even if it’s age. From Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ agency FCB Inferno with media agency MGM and PR firm Freuds.

Sport England CEO Tim Hollingsworth says: “You’re twice as likely to be inactive if you have a long-term health condition. We believe we can change that, because our research shows the majority of people with a condition would like to more active. That might be strengthening activities, walking, going to the gym or playing a sport. We are very proud to support our charity partners in delivering this new campaign because we know with the right support, sport and physical activity has the ability to change the lives of people living with long-term health conditions for the better.

“This campaign forms part of a longer-term drive by Sport England to change cultural and social norms around long-term health conditions and physical activity. We will continue to work with everyone from healthcare professionals, coaches, governing bodies, gym operators and even town planners to ensure that people with long-term health conditions feel able and supported to get active or play sport in whatever way suits them.”

‘This girl Can’ was clearly a winner in changing attitudes, this is much more ambitious, almost revolutionary in intent.

FCB delivers – but is it deliverable?

MAA creative scale: 8.

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