Unicef brings children to the fore in new migrant campaign from FCB and Rankin

FCB Inferno has become the go-to UK agency for what we might call ’cause’ advertising and now it’s launching ‘A Child Is A Child’ for Unicef UK, directed by Rankin.

The film highlights the plight of children uprooted by war, poverty and disaster and urges people to see past the refugee and migrant labels and value each child as a child, first and foremost.

The film, set to Bastille’s ‘Four Walls’, depicts refugee and migrant children watching footage of children in danger around the world. Many of the children are themselves refugees who have fled war. The aim being to challenge stereotypes and give the children a platform to express they have the same hopes, fears and dreams as any other child.

Lily Caprani, Unicef UK deputy executive director Lily Caprani says: “We’re so used to hearing about the refugee and migrant crisis, but the truth is that half of these refugees and migrants are children. First and foremost, this is a children’s crisis. Children are not responsible for the bombs and bullets, the droughts and disasters – but they are often the worst affected.”

This is a complex issue and no mistake; it certainly isn’t the children’s fault but, on the other hand, many countries are fearful about a tidal wave of migration and some of the people who might sneak in under it.

But Unicef, Rankin and FCB make a good case, powerfully without shouting.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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