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Buzzman takes Burger King for a pregnancy scan

It’s usually worth noting the latest to emerge from Paris agency Buzzman (typically it’s bonkers) and here’s another for Burger King, launching a promotion that lets you buy a Burger King burger for two euros – only you don’t know ...

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Bonkers Buzzman challenges physics for Orangina

Pleasingly bonkers is a term of approbation we sometimes use and it seems to be built into the DNA of French hotshot agency Buzzman. A while ago it helped Orangina to switch to upside down cans and sales went through ...

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Buzzman borrows from Cadbury’s classic ad for Milka

Mondelez’ Milka seems to have found its way from Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam to Paris hot shop Buzzman. Earlier today we had some great TV advertising from the great age of TV advertising, courtesy of the late John Webster. This, surely, has ...

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Buzzman for Meetic shows it’s not just BETC in Paris

Chatting to someone, Paris-based, about the mighty BETC Paris figuring on our Agency of the Year shortlist and he said: “take a look at Buzzman, they’re the hottest agency in France.” Here’s Buzzman for online dating outfit Meetic, ‘Love your ...

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Buzzman reveals the naked truth for IKEA

Most of life’s big decisions are taking around a table, according to IKEA, and Paris agency Buzzman deftly illustrates this in a new campaign – ‘Naturiste’ – that shows a young lady with a delicate decision to make (or avoid). ...

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Buzzman brings a hostage crisis to the business of breakfast for Mondelez

There seems to be more interesting stuff coming out of Paris than London these days (are London agencies becoming more conservative/cautious? There’s a piece for another day). This one from indie agency Buzzman is verging on the weird. It’s for ...

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