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Valtech buys experience agency Kin +Carta for £239m

Combined business boasts 7900 consultants worldwide

Valtech, which began as a French IT services company, has bought digital transformation company Kin + Carta for £239m. K+C will now join the growing number of tech companies de-listing from the UK stock market.

The combined company will operate worldwide with 7900 consultants, 6000 from Valtech and 1900 from K+C. Olivier Padiou is CEO of Valtech, K+C CEO Kelly Manthey becomes CEO of Valtech Americas (both below.)

Padiou says: “Valtech’s vision has always been to become the world’s most influential Experience Innovation company. This acquisition marks a pivotal moment in achieving that. By bringing Kin + Carta’s extensive expertise and client roster into the fold, we enter a new and exciting era. This means helping brands set new standards with intelligent and personalised experiences, powered by data and AI, that touch lives, grow businesses, and change how people experience the world

Manthey says: “As two purpose-driven companies, it felt natural for Valtech and Kin + Carta to join forces. With clear cultural alignment, complementary capabilities, and a shared vision for our industry, we are much stronger together. Our clients and technology partners will see the immediate benefits of a better, broader range of services. Our people will benefit from expanded career opportunities.”

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  1. This is a significant move in the tech industry! Valtech’s acquisition of Kin + Carta not only expands their global reach but also enhances their capabilities in creating innovative experiences. It’s exciting to see how their unified vision will transform the service offerings and provide new growth avenues for their employees. Looking forward to seeing the impact of this merger on the tech landscape!

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