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Is a result on the way in the giant Coca-Cola review?

The result of Coca-Cola’s massive creative and media review (Coke spent over £3bn pre-lockdown, down from its previous levels) is reportedly imminent.

We’d forgotten all about it as it began, incredibly, in January 2021 and seems to have morphed from two separate reviews to one, which is presumably a big full-service opportunity for someone.

Holding companies WPP, Interpublic, Publicis and Dentsu are involved although it would be surprising if the likes of Wieden+Kennedy (which has toiled intermittently on Coke) and Accenture-owned Droga5 were excluded. Omnicom is, presumably, too committed to Pepsi.

Coke’s advertising has been all over the place for years (in both senses) as the company’s sales have declined in a tough time for sugary drinks. Sales at events have been hammered by Covid.

Coke Boss James Quincey says he’s looking for a “new marketing model.” This will no doubt major on the wonders of data in all its aspects when the result is eventually announced. Publicis seems to be leading in the data stakes at the moment, winning either side or all of Coke would cap an impressive 2021.

It’s not always new models that work, of course. Coke really did rule its fizzy world when Interpublic’s McCann produced a series of blockbuster cheesy epics.

It even changed Mad Man Don Draper.

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  1. Stephen… As you know by now, WPP got it. As I just posted on AdScam… Just read the appalling verbiage crap from a Coca-Cola spokes hack. Does it ever stop. Bet the Poisoned Dwarf is pissed.

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