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Facebook’s new Home TV campaign is a blooper

I really don’t get this ad for Facebook Home; from Wieden+Kennedy presumably. A guy gets on a plane, accesses FB Home and the characters on his Facebook page (who look like Ronald McDonald’s creepier cousins) take over the plane. Well, ...

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Somersby TV ad hijacks Apple for apple cider

What would we all do without Apple and Apple stores? Carlsberg’s Somersby cider is launching in the UK with this neat campaign from Fold7 showing people sampling Somersby as they would new products and applications in an Apple store. It’s ...

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18 Feet & Rising relaunches AkzoNobel’s Cuprinol as more than a lick of paint

Here another profitable use of thirty seconds, this time from Cuprinol (something you put on wood I believe) and agency 18 Feet & Rising, called ‘Whimpering Garden.’ We’ve said before that thirty second ads, the classic length until recently, had ...

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