Heineken gets lost in its new Champion’s League ‘Road To The Final’ TV campaign

All this global malarkey can bring problems in its train and Heineken and agency Wieden+Kennedy seem to have stumbled on some of them in their latest campaign for Heineken’s sponsorship of the Champion’s League football.

The new ‘global’ ad ‘Road To The Final’ shows the resourceful hero of the campaign finding a way to get from Brazil to Wembley in London for the final. Except loads of YouTubers have pointed out that his start point isn’t Brazil it’s Cuba (where it’s cheaper to make commercials of course).

Some are also wondering if you’re allowed to drink beer from a bottle during a big football match – you’re not allowed to drink alcohol at all as far as we know, unless you’re in a box.

Maybe the source of the confusion is the US angle. Heineken is plugging a promotion via Facebook that invites US football fans to a number of parties; at which they’re able to glug as much Heineken as they want, of course.

Extra homework called for chaps.

Update 29/4/2013

W+K Amsterdam has been on to say the shoot did happen in Brazil. Taken a while but we guess they were doing their homework.

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