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Now Martin launches a triangle solo for Geico

The Martin Agency in Richmond – and its client Geico – are the undisputed masters of YouTube ads and here’s a new, uncharacteristically in your face iteration. Making an impact though. See the YouTube comments from percussionists everywhere. MAA creative ...

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Is this horse opera from Martin tearjerker of the season?

Purina Mills is a US animal feeds company (once owned by Ralston Purina) and it sponsors A Home For Every Horse which connects unwanted horses (of whom there are millions across the world) with new owners. One reason being that ...

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Martin Agency serves up tasty ‘Dine With Rana’

Giovanni Rana’s Rana Group makes fresh pasta as well as running nearly 30 restaurants worldwide, mostly in Italy but with outposts in london and New York. It supplies some of Sainsbury’s own label products, which are actually pretty good. Now ...

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Martin Agency opens a new box of old tricks for Kayak

Kayak is a nifty site that searches best deals for fares, hotels and car hire. It recently hired The Martin Agency New York and here’s the first campaign, out of the award-winning GEICO songbook of short, snappy ads. Has someone ...

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GEICO and Martin find a new use for Marco Polo

Apparently Marco Polo is a game of tag played in a swimming pool. Whether the fabled Venetian merchant traveller brought this back from China (along with pasta and other goodies) we know not. But Marco pops up in a watery ...

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