Alexander’s surprise departure result of staff complaint

It appears that the surprise departure of creative boss Joe Alexander (below) from The Martin Agency was the result of a sexual harassment complaint. Martin is owned by Interpublic.

Martin says: The past year has revealed some painful but important truths about workplaces all over America. It’s clear that the environment women have too often silently endured is one nobody should have to tolerate.

Now it’s happened here. We’re deeply sorry that any of you ever felt unsafe or unheard.

The behavior that Martin’s former CCO, Joe Alexander, is accused of is inexcusable. That’s why the only alternative was for him to leave The Martin Agency. That decision was ours.

Alexander says he resigned.

This is the first such instance, as far as we can see, since the #metoo storm broke although the departure of Gustavo Martinez from JWT pre-dated this.

Nobody should try to pre-judge these things. All we’ll say is that, in our experience, Alexander is friendly, courteous and talented.

It’s going to be an uncomfortable 2018 in adland it seems.

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