Martin changes the guard for Geico at Buckingham Palace

Do you remember “dress down Fridays” in the UK? Used to be hilarious seeing what City types were wearing: more effort went into choosing their “casual” outfits than their be-suited normality and a right load of be-chino’d berks they looked.

Maybe it’s time to launch “dress up” Fridays in Shoreditch.

“Casual Fridays” still seem to be an item in the US, the inspiration behind this typically off-the-wall spot from the Martin Agency for Geico. Except this time it’s at Buckingham Palace.

They say effective advertising is about coverage and frequency and the skill of this long-running campaign is that they don’t struggle to get the Geico sale in there: it’s just plonked at the end.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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One comment

  1. Casual Friday indeed – producers also replaced the Guard’s British S80 assault rifle with bayonet with a chrome-plated, US WWII M1 Garand parade rifle.