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Nescafe lets its hair down with Publicis’ ‘Swooshy Man’

Nobody ever seems to like Nescafe ads but that hasn’t stopped owner Nestlé becoming the biggest food company in the world. These days it says it’s into “health and wellness” too but don’t we all, darlings. Lately it’s been trying ...

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JWT offers ‘absolutely nothing’ for Kit Kat’s Christmas

Fed up with jolly – or dark and emotive – Christmas ads? Nestle and JWT London are offering what amounts to a Kit Kat radio ad on TV for jaded palates. Very brave, not least for forking out for TV ...

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Nestle and Ogilvy Paris wage war on fat Mexico

Now it’s Nestle trying to save the world with a new initiative ‘United For Healthier Kids.’ Nestle hasn’t always had a good press for its child-focussed activities, of course. The target here is Mexico, which is the world’s obesity capital ...

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Nestle checks out breasts for Breast Cancer push

There seems to an awful lot of breast checking these days – in the cause of preventing breast cancer, of course – and Nestle’s Fitness cereal has moved things on a bit with a film, ‘Breast Cam,’ showing how other ...

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BuzzFeed produces high-scoring moggies for Purina

If you want a viral hit get a cat and a kitten with a baby chucked in for good measure. BuzzFeed’s new online opus for Purina Friskies has racked up nearly 12m YouTube hits in a week, possibly leading owner ...

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Heineken says don’t drink, Saatchi leaves historic HQ, Droga5 – and some decent Super Bowl jokes please?

Heineken has launched a campaign by Publicis Italy saying ‘Dance more, drink less’; based on the assumption that if you spend more time on the floor you’ll get less pissed – and not trash the environment, fall out with your ...

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