Nestle US puts its agencies through the data wringer

Nestle, along with just about every other big advertiser, is trying to rationalise its agencies, this time in the US according to Adweek.

It spends over $600m in the US with a veritable gaggle of agencies including McCann, JWT, Leo Burnett, Grey, Ogilvy, FCB, Doner, Reach and Deep Focus on brands including Butterfinger, Coffee-Mate, Haagen Dazs, Fancy Feast, Gerber, Lean Cuisine, Nesquik, Stouffer’s, Wonka and Purina.

In what’s said to be a procurement-driven review a Swiss robot has sent the following intelligence to the agencies concerned.

“The overall selection process is a collaboration between marketing, procurement, the communications and digital centers of excellence. Primary input was scorecarding sessions with each brand team, along with APRAIS and digital agency evaluations data and external third-party (like Forrester) agency capabilities intelligence. We aggregated agency assessment data across brands, to have a full picture of agencies with multiple brand assignments. We summarized the discussions, scoreboards and findings and shared with brand teams for any further revisions. Ultimately, marketing’s overall assessment of capabilities and performance drove decisions.”

Nestle adds (not very helpfully): “We’re always looking at ways to better work with and leverage our agencies. With that, periodic changes do occur but we have nothing additional to share.”

Nailed it then. But what exactly?

The data monkeys have taken over the asylum.

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