Shredded Wheat tries to “shred life” in McCann blitz

Wasn’t Shredded Wheat the breakfast cereal that challenged you to eat three of its hyper-chewy bullets?

Nestle Cereals and agency McCann have evidently been giving the brand some serious thought and produced a new “brand platform” – shredding life. In case this isn’t immediately clear, it means inviting people to go out and start “absolutely shredding whatever it is you are doing – from the big to the small, the mundane to the out-of-this-world.”

Amongst the various campaign goodies are rewards, “guerilla” events and a Shredded newsroom to try to generate social buzz.

Nestlé Cereals marketing director Toby Baker says: “Shredded Wheat is a heritage brand that has remained a valued part of the breakfast bowl since 1893 the new “Shredded” platform is an evolution of the brand we know and love, to maintain its relevance in today’s world.”

There’s also an ad.

Interesting choice of V/O in Henry Blofeld.

Is this an innovative way of reviving an old cereal brand or a one-way trip down a dark social media tunnel?

Search me. Interesting ad though although it’s a bit school of Mother.

MAA creative scale: 6.

Here’s the late, mostly lamented Brian Clough from back in the day.

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  1. I very much enjoyed producing the CDP ‘Bet you can’t eat three’ campaign for Shredded Wheat. David Cameron used the very line in his kitchen when being interviewed after saying he’d only do two terms. He wasn’t wrong was he? It is a shame that, after so much investment has been made in a campiagn, it’s just dropped. I also produced several Land Rover/Range Rover spots with the tagline ‘Best 4 by 4 by far’. And some of the ‘Reaches the parts other beers cannot reach’ etc. ‘Do the decent thing, serve Colman’s Mustard’.

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