Nestle’s Aero bounces back to TV with JWT’s Bubblophone

Are brands rediscovering the joys of TV in this tricky year for digital ads?

Nestle’s Aero hasn’t been on UK TV for six years but it’s bouncing back with this perky number from JWT London, featuring the “Bubblophone” (as in gramophone) which injects the bubbles in Aero with 1930s style big band music.

No SFX it seems, just painstaking work by post house Time Based Arts and director Chris Cairns of Partizan.

Aero senior brand manager Rachael Brown says: “This film is as beautifully crafted as Aero bubbles themselves. A wonderfully simple idea that perfectly conveys the light and bubbly quality of Aero chocolate. Having not advertised this iconic bar in some time, this is perfectly celebratory and delicious.”

A classy 30 seconds with time for a buy it and eat it reminder at the end.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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