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Halifax joins the lottery business in new A&E campaign

Here’s the new Halifax ad from adam&eveDDB, a campaign that began with Warner Brothers’ Top Cat and then the Flintstones and has now moved on to Thunderbirds’ (I think) Lady Penelope and her long-suffering butler Parker. Who discovers financial independence ...

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Now A&E trundles out The Flintstones for Halifax

Adam&eveDDB is back with the second instalment of its new campaign for Halifax, featuring Warner Brothers cartoon stars. First up we had Top Cat and now it’s the turn of The Flintstones, enthusing about Halifax’s generous offer to bung you ...

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Halifax brings back Top Cat in new blockbuster campaign from adam&eveDDB

Halifax has been regaling us for years with not-so-heavenly choirs hymning the praises of its various offers. It was probably quite hard to change the theme to something more adventurous as the bank (now owned by Lloyds) recovered from the ...

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Halifax targets children in new adam&eveDDB campaign

Halifax is bigging up its selection as the UK’s best children’s account provider (by whom and on what grounds? with a new campaign ‘Charlie Clarke’, through adam&eveDDB. Financial services voiceovers are interesting aren’t they? For decades the default option has ...

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DLKW Lowe faces another big loss as £70m Morrisons reviews

I suppose poor old DLKW Lowe was bound to get it in the neck from Morrisons – the UK supermarket group has been struggling to keep pace with discounters Asda, Aldi and Lidl and now Tesco has entered that frame ...

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Can former Asda marketer Chris Pilling put some fizz into UK building societies?

Chris Pilling, currently head of HSBC’s bank branch network in the UK, is joining the country’s second-biggest building society Yorkshire as CEO. The move is interesting on two counts: building societies have been pretty moribund since the 2008 credit crunch, ...

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