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Halifax debuts new ScreenX “surround you” cinema ads

Remember sensurround sound? Now you can have the visual equivalent in cinema ads, courtesy of Cineworld’s SceenX in the UK. It’s now in eight UK cinemas (works for films too.) The technology extends the screen onto the side walls of ...

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Halifax joins the lottery business in new A&E campaign

Here’s the new Halifax ad from adam&eveDDB, a campaign that began with Warner Brothers’ Top Cat and then the Flintstones and has now moved on to Thunderbirds’ (I think) Lady Penelope and her long-suffering butler Parker. Who discovers financial independence ...

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Now A&E trundles out The Flintstones for Halifax

Adam&eveDDB is back with the second instalment of its new campaign for Halifax, featuring Warner Brothers cartoon stars. First up we had Top Cat and now it’s the turn of The Flintstones, enthusing about Halifax’s generous offer to bung you ...

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