Halifax goes behind closed doors in latest NCA ‘It’s a people thing’ campaign

Halifax has been telling us “it’s a people thing” via New Commercial Arts for a couple of years and it’s moved on to a 7.13pm thing, showing an assortment of homes behind supposedly closed doors at that hour – in one take seemingly – ending with hard-working Halifax call centre staff still people-thinging into the evening.

Halifax claims to be still the UK’s biggest mortgage provider and the point being, presumably, that they’re always there for you even if, like nearly all bank campaigns, it’s somewhat short on specifics.

Lloyds Banking Group director of marketing communications Richard Warren (a former adman) says: “Halifax’s ‘It’s a people thing’ positioning is rooted in an understanding of people’s real lives, and nothing is as real as what goes on behind closed doors.”

With mortgage rates in the UK set to soar later this year as borrowers come off cheaper fixed rates there’s a big onus on banks like Halifax (who have to borrow in the open market, of course) to bring such rates down as rapidly as they can as inflation (eventually) falls. They’re often accused of a so-called “rocket and feather” approach, raising rates like a rocket before they (reluctantly) let them fall. So a good test of whether or not Halifax really is a “people thing.”

This campaign? Positions Halifax as it would like to be seen squarely enough.

Nicely shot by Martin Werner through Academy

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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