Halifax returns to adam&eveDDB, New Commercial Arts in frame for Nationwide

The 2023 account merry-go-round has emerged with a vengeance (not before time some long-=suffering readers might think) and now Halifax has joined in with the account moving back to adam&eveDDB after departing to New Commercial arts, the agency formed by former A&E duo James Murphy and David Golding, in 2020.

NCA is believed to have resigned the business, owned by Lloyds Banking Group. NCA was unavailable for comment. Halifax is good news for A&E, which handles the Lloyds Bank account too, as this week flagship account John Lewis Partnership decided to review John Lewis and Waitrose with A&E declining a repitch.

Meanwhile Nationwide, the UK’s biggest building society and one famous over the years for some of its advertising, is departing VCCP with New Commercial Arts expected to be one of the agencies pitching. Nationwide’s new marketing boss is Catherine Kehoe, who helmed Lloyds’ marketing operations for many years and appointed NCA to Halifax back in 2020.

NCA is also likely to be a contender for Sainsbury’s – it handles Tu and Habitat – which is leaving Wieden+Kennedy. Others are likely to be Ogilvy, which handles some Sainsbury’s work, and A&E, now in the market for another retailer/supermarket.

Senior London ad execs say they’ve never seen so many big pitches come along at once. Who’s next?

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