Halifax tries to “make it happen” for would-be home owners in new adam&eveDDB campaign

Spring has sprung in the UK (it’s bucketing down with rain in my corner of the metropolis) and it seems a new recession is on the way as businesses and consumers despair of anything good emerging from the Brexit farrago.

Against this benevolent backdrop mortgage lender Halifax is trying to enthuse us about the delights of a new home in a campaign from adam&eveDDB, featuring toy “Slinky” exploring its new home (Slinky is gender-neutral, obviously.)

There’s also, for those who follow these things, a new ‘X’ is Halifax – the corporate logo has had a spring clean too.

If there is, indeed, a recession on the way we’ll have the age-old debate about what companies should do: hunker down and hoard the cash or get out there and support their brands.

Credit to Halifax for trying the latter.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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