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Cadbury and Fallon unwrap a Christmas turkey

We will stop writing about Christmas ads, honest. But they’re what everybody’s talking about. So – Cadbury, now owned by Mondelez of course, and agency Fallon, which produced the celebrated ‘Gorilla’ ad (still viewed an astonishing number of times) all ...

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Nando’s takes the peri peri approach to its agencies

Clients are a peculiar lot; first they manage perfectly well without an agency then they appoint one of the best around, fall out and then hire a couple more when surely one would do. Well they don’t all, of course, ...

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Fallon UK returns to form with Crispello campaign

Fallon UK and parent agency Saatchi & Saatchi seem to be getting their mojo back; as in this newish ad for Cadbury’s Crispello (what on earth is that? Do we need another snack?). This campaign has polarised opinion somewhat; some ...

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George Patterson Y&R takes a tumble for Schweppes

There’s been a lot of famous advertising for fizzy mixer Schweppes (once owned by Britain’s Cadbury but now with different owners all over the world) and the Aussies have revived the old theme ‘Schweppervescence’ for this interesting take on (eventually) ...

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