Fallon UK returns to form with Crispello campaign

Fallon UK and parent agency Saatchi & Saatchi seem to be getting their mojo back; as in this newish ad for Cadbury’s Crispello (what on earth is that? Do we need another snack?).

This campaign has polarised opinion somewhat; some find it winningly cheeky, others deeply annoying (it’s got a Pringle-sweatered dad in it). But that’s half the battle.

These days, of course, what would be a diverting 30-second vignette finds itself the cornerstone of a huge online and social media campaign; in this case asking people for ‘Britain’s cheekiest stories.’ Pity the poor devils who have to sort through these. They probably involve drink, drugs, disrobing in public and many activities which the crusty authorities probably still regard as illegal.

Not sure about this ‘welcome to joyville’ stuff either – but that’s probably the Mondelez-owned client.

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