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ASA slaps ad ban on Kronenbourg – but not Cantona

That’s a shame, I thought for a moment that the UK’s Advertising Standards authority had joined the slim ranks of those brave enough to show former footballer Eric Cantona the red card (Eric is not a man to mess with). ...

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American Apparel in trouble over sexy thigh-highs

American Apparel’s in trouble again with the UK’s ad regulatory body the ASA, this time for ‘overtly sexual’ images on its website. To its great delight, no doubt. These are deemed to be ‘voyeuristc’ and to ‘objectify women,’ among other ...

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L’Oreal’s hypocritical assault on Natalie Portman Dior ad disguises who the real villain is

No surprise that the Advertising Standards Authority has banned another beauty ad – this time Black Swan Actress Natalie Portman modelling Christian Dior’s mascara, on account of her eyelashes being airbrushed to artificial perfection. Much more interesting is the fact ...

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