ASA rumbles Honda’s ‘speed reading’ ad

Honda is trying hard to inject some much needed Va Va Voom into its model line-up, with some success despite its less than rapid progress on its return to Formula One with the McLaren team.

A key part of this has been Wieden+Kennedy London’s current ad campaign, most notably the Type R interactive ad that appeared late last year.

This one though – supposedly about ‘speed reading’ to encourage would-be Honda drivers to ‘push yourself further’ – has fallen foul of the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority despite being cleared for TV by ad approval company Clearcast back in February.

Clearcast, which can be a bit dopey, swallowed the line that it was, indeed, about speed reading. But why should Honda promote that?

The battle hardened ASA isn’t having any of it. It’s about driving like the clappers, in’it.

Doubt that Honda and W+K will be too concerned. They’ve made their point.

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