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Tesco and BBH craft the scary ‘Goof of the Year’

Tesco now has its “very own filter that you can use across TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat,” the supermarket giant says.

And it’s certainly succeeded in frightening the horses according to the latest tally of complaints to the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Getting on for 100 people have complained that the weird, avatar-like Clubcard shopper is “frightening.”

One asked: “Will the new @Tesco ad be up for Horror short of the year?”

Tesco advertising has been sure-footed since it moved to BBH from Wieden+Kennedy back in 2015, one ad was criticised by some numpties for having too many muslims/back people in it – but that played to Tesco’s advantage anyway – otherwise it’s been pretty plain sailing with ‘Tesco love stories’ and the like.

Quite what got into them here we know not – maybe it was getting down with the kids (always a danger) with a supposedly metaverse-friendly icon (ditto, look what’s it’s doing for Mark Zuckerberg.)

Goof of the year so far.

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