ASA slaps ad ban on Kronenbourg – but not Cantona

That’s a shame, I thought for a moment that the UK’s Advertising Standards authority had joined the slim ranks of those brave enough to show former footballer Eric Cantona the red card (Eric is not a man to mess with).

Kronenbour_160The ASA has banned a Kronenbourg 1664 campaign from Ogilvy London for making various false heritage claims for the beer, but only the press campaign (left, get your magnifying glasses out) rather than the long-running TV campaign with the footballer turned actor.

Actually the TV campaign is very good. But Kronenbourg owner Heineken and agency deserve a slap across the wrists for passing off gnat’s piss brewed under licence in the UK as the real, Alsatian, thing. All the big brewers are at it and have been for years. Some oldies may remember the halcyon days when the likes of Stella, Foster’s and even Heineken in the UK actually tasted of ‘what it oughta.’

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