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Adscam correspondent reveals truth about agency pitches

A constant theme in the seemingly never-ending battle between advertisers and agencies is so-called “scope of work.” That is, all the extra stuff you have to do for the same money or less – often blamed for margin pressure and ...

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George Parker – live! – on Big Dumb Holding Companies

Some years ago my friend George Parker of Adscam fame spoke at the US 4A’s conference in San Fancisco on, among other matters, his favoured themes of Big Dumb Agencies and, his blackest of bête noires, Big Dumb Holding Companies. ...

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Adscam reveals the ‘secrets’ of WPP earn-outs

My friend George Parker has been musing about Sir Martin Sorrell’s many deals at WPP, prompting this response on WPP earn-outs from correspondent Jane Don’t (below pic). Jane Don’t said… It’s quite a simple 10-step programme George: 1. “Buy” a ...

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George Parker: how the Big Dumb Holding Companies screwed up their Big Dumb Agencies

Even though business in general, is notorious for rewarding senior management with obscene pay packets, which inevitably culminate in humungous “get the fuck out of here,” golden parachutes when their never ending failures and screw ups have finally become too ...

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